I want to be Pocahontas


The day when we dressed up and went to Warehouse.

You want to be Pocohontas?

Native identity is not something that you can “dress up” to become. It’s not something to be taken for your consumption, for your pleasure, for your own personal use.

By donning a feather headband and ‘war paint’ you are marking yourself with racism. You are saying to people who have real lives and multifaceted identities that no - they are merely characters in a fucked-up story that you think ended ages ago.

Guess what it can mean to be “Pocohontas” today? Institutionalized racism, lack of access to clean drinking water, healthy food, and educational support. It means you face erasure, stereotype, mockery and disdain. You may have lost your connection to your family, your people, your language - all wiped out in the name of ‘civilizing the savages.’

But hey, her headband looked awesome eh? Too bad she wasn’t even part of a tribe that wore them.

p.s. the hashtag “Red Indian” that you used (how I found this post) is still a derogatory word, and not appropriate to describe Natives / First Nations /Aboriginal people. Ever. 

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    She should have called the post “I want to be a racist caricature!”
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    You want to be Pocohontas? Native identity is not something that you can “dress up” to become. It’s not something to be...
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